Geek’s Gander into Book Repair

My first taste of Tolkien can in the form of a dusty, beaten and taped book with aged pages and that funky smell you only get with old books. I was given this copy of “The Hobbit or There and Back Again” by my uncle, printed in 1981 it was at least 20 years old... Continue Reading →

Merch Showing Your Allegiance

The rise of video games has also brought with it the rise of gaming merch, products beyond the video game itself that relate to the game and its setting. Merch can range from a tee-shirt to a badge and spark mixed feelings from gamers. But why do we buy it? Showing Your Allegiance Merch is... Continue Reading →

Dungeon Delving and Dragon Slaying on a Budget

Dungeons and Dragons is an amazing game full of endless possibilities, providing hours of entertainment as you and your party embark on epic quests across the land, but it doesn’t have to come at a price. Whenever people are trying something for the first time we often fall into a habit of wanting the best... Continue Reading →

Gamers a House Divided

To the outside world Gamers are seen as one great unified group of basement dwelling, junk food eating people (at least that was the original stereotype). But as gaming has become more popular that view has shifted somewhat, however one stereotype has remained unchanged. The fact that we are one people, one unified group. Sadly... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Hellblade

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a cinematic psychological horror action-adventure video game released August 2017. Through Hellblade you follow Senua, a celtic warrior on a journey through Hel the mythical viking realm of Hel goddess and daughter of Loki. The journey is Senua's quest to recover the soul of her lost lover Dillion who was sacrificed to... Continue Reading →

Rage Quit: The Universal Gamer’s Problem

Rage Quitting, a unique problem experienced universally by gamers though we don't always admit it! No other form of entertainment causes quite this problem, people don't storm out a cinema shouting abuse at the other viewers and even in sport you rarely see players storming off the pitch and refusing to play. Perhaps because of... Continue Reading →

Return to Arcadia Bay

Cloaked in a black hood, lighting your cigarette staring down a freight train. It’s good to be back in Arcadia Bay. Taking control of Max’s rebellious friend Chloe Price I was thrown back into the emotionally charged world of Life is Strange at the beginning of her doomed relationship with Rachel Amber. Beginning in true... Continue Reading →

Dungeons, Family and Dragons

"It feels like I've entered Sheldon's world!" Was my Mam's words as her  halfling rouge held the reigns of two oxen, cargo in toe. Her words a clear reference to the only geeks she's ever seen (thank you Big Bang Theory!) Getting my parents to play dungeons and dragons was never something I though would... Continue Reading →

Geek or Nerd?

Now for most of my life I have been called on of these two, but what some don’t realise is there is actually a big difference between these two clans. So how can you tell the difference? Are you a Nerd or a Geek? Clan Geek: Firstly let’s take a look at the Geek Clan.... Continue Reading →

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