Dark Vs Light

Dark Vs Light has been used in literature throughout history and gaming has not been immune to its influence. The contrast of light and dark referencing good and evil is something we're all familiar with. Light's victory over the dark is one of the most well-known tropes, from Narnia to Middle Earth to the heart... Continue Reading →

A Year of Questing

I love gaming but there are always those times when I need a break from the digital world. I always try to make some time to sit down with my friends and do something together. For us Dungeons and Dragons offers that opportunity. On a weekly basis me and my friends meet for some D&D,... Continue Reading →

Empty Libraries

Steam is perhaps one of the most well known and well used services by pc gamers and requires no real introduction. Gamers like myself have steam libraries filled with hundreds of games that we have bought over the years. But are they our own? In short, no. Gamers like me have over the years built... Continue Reading →

Microtransactions The Good and The Bad

This week I'd intended to take the focus off gaming for a change but I felt like this is something I'd like to get my two pence in (for what that's worth!) and I'd wanted to take some extra time to write this post. If you're unsure of what's sparked this then this BBC article... Continue Reading →

Equal Rights – No such thing as a female wizard? Well now it’s gone and happened!

A flat world on the back of four elephants, on the back of a turtle moving through space. What's not to love? Disc World is a fantasy world many the world over are familiar with and as a reader as well as a gamer, with a passion for fantasy I love this Disc World series... Continue Reading →

Gaming Nostalgia

Nostalgia feels like it's becoming an increasingly common occurrence in gaming. Nostalgia is a big part in many industries and as video games as a form of entertainment ages it has become more and more a part of the world of gaming. We all know it nostalgia sells. In an industry as emotive as gaming... Continue Reading →

Enter Character Name…

The bane of any gamer's life is hat single moment in character creation where the game asks you to enter a character's name. For hours gamers sit staring at that flashing type icon with a blank mind as if you half expect a name to materialise from thin air. Naming a character is difficult, it... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Sky a Barren and Beautiful Game

No Man's Sky is well-known at this point for being one of the most over hyped games to have been released, promising many amazing features that were not present at its launch. Saying this No Man's Sky is still amazingly beautiful and exploring the universe has been fun if at times tedious. New updates have... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

A HUGE thank you and a Happy Halloween to everyone who has read my posts and followed this blog! It continues to amaze me how kind, supportive and amazing everyone I have encountered through this blog is. Before sinking your teeth into all those Halloween sweets I thought I'd take a moment to celebrate the... Continue Reading →

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