Top 5 Examples Where Physical Beats Digital

Like many, I have fallen for the obvious convenience of the digital age, there is nothing better than having every song at your fingertips and being able to play any computer game without the need for hundreds of shiny disks taking up valuable space. However, even in this digital age there are some clear advantages... Continue Reading →

Horror Gaming With Friends

Now I can easily admit that I am a wimp when it comes to horror. I haven't watched a horror film. Ever. But horror games, they are the exception. I am aware how strange it is but there is something about the interactive experience of a horror game that I cannot resist. Maybe its down... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Maps

There is nothing I love more than a map. Not just a normal map but an antique or fantasy one that is both created for function and art. From the most recognised maps such as Middle Earth, to more personal maps such as my map of Dorwine (the setting for me and my friend's D&D... Continue Reading →

Meeting The Yogscast

The Yogscast are by far my favourite YouTubers. I have watched them since my early teens and through their content I have laughed and cried. They have through their videos helped me and many others through some of the hardest moments in our lives. The 14th April 2017 was the beginning of I60, a giant gaming convention that I... Continue Reading →

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