Meeting The Yogscast

The Yogscast are by far my favourite YouTubers. I have watched them since my early teens and through their content I have laughed and cried. They have through their videos helped me and many others through some of the hardest moments in our lives.

The 14th April 2017 was the beginning of I60, a giant gaming convention that I attended with my friends. I remember the excitement as the Yogscast announced that they would be attending. I remember on the day when we arrived and shuffled into the exhibition hall surrounded by people. I remember seeing the Yogscast logo ahead through the sea of stalls and Merch.

It was amazing to finally see in real life the people that had entertained me through my school years and beyond!

I queued to see the three Yogs I watch the most Hannah, Caff and Kim and I met one or two others in the line and if I had the patients and time I would have waited to see them all! The conversations were awkward but it was worth going just to say “Hello” (though I had planned to say a lot more).

If I did it all again I would say what I for some reason forgot to say, “Thank You”. Thanks for all the laughs they make, for all the money they raise and for these moments where the fans can meet those they have grew up watching…

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