Fantasy Maps

There is nothing I love more than a map. Not just a normal map but an antique or fantasy one that is both created for function and art.

From the most recognised maps such as Middle Earth, to more personal maps such as my map of Dorwine (the setting for me and my friend’s D&D adventure.) Maps of fictional worlds give us a tangible link to what we are imagining/reading.

The Continent of Dorwine is my first attempt to make a colourful map to help my party understand the lay of the land in our D&D adventure. The map has helped them to understand the terrain, the natural barriers and how the cultural differences of towns, cities and nations are in part influenced by their surroundings.

It was really fun to make this map and I will be trying to improve my mapping skills even further as the need comes to map more and more of our D&D world.


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