The Masked City

While away from my gaming set up I have had plenty of time to read (I brought 5 books with me to occupy my time!)  The Masked City is the second instalment in a series written by Genevieve Cogman a British author. The story is an amazing mix of settings with a world and story... Continue Reading →

A Geek’s Holiday Survival Guide

At present I am far away from my precious PC, my book shelves and my reliable internet connection. I'm on holiday. A holiday is a great chance to unwind and disconnect from the technology that can run our lives.  My survival kit is made up of the items that fill the spaces between the usual... Continue Reading →

ClanGeek Announcement

Hey, ClanGeek is an amazing outlet through wich I share my views and opinions but also (most importantly)  just have some fun. The site is now 4 months months old but the amount of interest I have found is more than I expected. I am just one guy publishing short articles on geeky things into... Continue Reading →

The Shattered Sea Trilogy

While I’m an avid gamer I also love to read. My genre of choice would have to be fantasy (obviously) and after recently sorting out my book shelf and deciding to re-read some old books I would like to offer my opinion on one of my favourite series I have read in recent years. The... Continue Reading →

Down Another Rabbit Hole

Everyone immersed in a virtual world has at some point sunk a lot of time and energy into exploring that topic. Going to the ends of the internet in search of random knowledge, but why? Firstly the phrase: to go down the rabbit hole is a reference to Alice in wonderland. When we do this... Continue Reading →

Tech Superstitions

Even in the modern day people still follow superstitions rooted in our past. Whether it be avoiding walking under a ladder, touching wood or saluting a lone magpie (all of which I do daily). However, with modern technology a number of modern superstations and actions have arose. Here are my top three favourites. Blowing on... Continue Reading →

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