Dungeons, Family and Dragons

“It feels like I’ve entered Sheldon’s world!” Was my Mam’s words as her  halfling rouge held the reigns of two oxen, cargo in toe. Her words a clear reference to the only geeks she’s ever seen (thank you Big Bang Theory!)

Getting my parents to play dungeons and dragons was never something I though would happen. My parents have always expressed little interest in the geekier side of life so I never though to teach them. That was until this very night. My brother insisted on playing dungeons and dragons and wanted us to play as a family. As the only one with any experience I was their dungeon master and guide to this strange geeky world of odd shaped dice and magic.

There were teething problems to say the least. Even I had to admit the character sheets aren’t very clear to read and trying to explain what dice to use when was a pain, but worth it.

Together they fought goblins explored a cavern and rescued two adventurers. When confronted with two dead horses blocking their carts path my dad decided to try and hack them up with a grate sword (it was as bloody and ineffective as you could imagine); when fighting a goblin king my Mam decided to jump on him and slit his throat. Not what I was expecting but what can I say, she jumped right into the mind of the rouge.

They loved it. Two adults who had never played a videogame, never read a fantasy book or loved a fantasy movie loved dungeons and dragons.

The sheer freedom of a world without limits and with endless possibilities and chances for grateness is enough to draw anyone in. The time spent together as a family talking and problem solving was also a great plus for all of us.

If you’ve never played dungeons and dragons, I’d recommend giving it a go. If you have family or friends who don’t share your hobbies (geeky or otherwise) it may be worth introducing them or attempting one of their hobbies. Together this offers an amazing opportunity to try something new but also to strengthen your relationship. There’s no reason not to try right? And if you happen to develop a love of dungeon exploring, magic and fantasy what could be better?

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  1. I completely agree with you! I DM’ed a session for my family, who had never played D & D before.. It was certainly memorable, with the cleric forgetting they had healing spells and the fighter apparently deciding they were a pacifist.

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