Gamers a House Divided

To the outside world Gamers are seen as one great unified group of basement dwelling, junk food eating people (at least that was the original stereotype). But as gaming has become more popular that view has shifted somewhat, however one stereotype has remained unchanged. The fact that we are one people, one unified group. Sadly that is not always the case, there is division in the gaming community.

1) The Console War:

Perhaps the largest ongoing conflict to plague the gaming community. In the Battle of The Four Armies we have the: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC waging war. From the outside all consoles look the same but to gamers there are often strong opinions on which is the best. This conflict is fuelled by the competition of the console companies, constantly waging war with console after console being used like cannon fodder with shiny new looks and new specs, and with console exclusive games trying to drag gamers to their side in the fight without end. PC is slightly different, with their fight being led by the PC gamers themselves with no single company to represent them.

2) Casual Vs Hardcore Gamers:

With the increased popularity in gaming a new group has emerged, the so-called Casuals who stick to their mobile games and the most popular titles only racking up a few hours on their games (nothing like the 1000 hours achieved by Hardcore gamers). In this fight, it seems the Hardcore gamers are the ones feeling under threat by this invading force of Casuals. The Hardcore gamers are there with pitchforks raised high in an angry mob.

3) Genre Wars:

The least obvious of the divisions in our community is the genre wars, the conflicts between gamers based upon the type of games they play and which ones they see as inferior. Here is where the most divisions can be found, you have the Fifa gamers, the FPS gamers, the RPG gamers and then you have the smaller divisions, the CoD gamers Vs the Battlefield gamers being the best example. Here the fight is more based on the type of game you play, multiplayer or single player? FPS or Minecraft? It is here that brand loyalty fans the flames of war.

Belonging is a part of human nature, people like to feel as though they belong and often will pick a side even within a community that shares a single interest (football teams for example). As a PC gaming, single player playing, avid gamer I have felt the pull to place my flag and fight for one side or the other. We all have opinions and we all have preferences. I would love to see a time when these divisions are healed but that would be unrealistic. I do believe however that gamers could end these conflicts and keep their current views and opinions just avoiding the need to argue and compete.

The fact is our community is growing, more people than ever are playing games and with that popularity comes increased attention from the rest of society and the media. We need more than ever to show society that we are welcoming community, that we are diverse with different views but can come together. Through the bloggers I have encountered here I am pleased to have found a community of blogging gamers who focus less on the conflicts in our community and more on their interests and posts that inform and entertain us all.

5 thoughts

  1. “I do believe however that gamers could end these conflicts and keep their current views and opinions just avoiding the need to argue and compete.”

    Regardless of our platform, status or genre preferences, we’re all one community. There’s a way to discuss your opinions with those who have different views, without entering into any kind of argument – it’s just about having a little respect for one another. 🙂

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  2. I think there’s a lot to be said for “live and let live.” There has been a really large uptick recently in folks just being quick to lash out or belittle people not like them even in the non-gaming community. Kim called it: it has to do with respect. You can disagree, be respectful, and act like a decent human being all at the same time.

    I also find it ironic that Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw started the whole “glorious PC master race” thing as a joke, but then it was adopted and taken way too seriously…

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    1. “I also find it ironic that Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw started the whole “glorious PC master race” thing as a joke, but then it was adopted and taken way too seriously…”

      I agree, and I think people have a habit of taking things out of context and shaping it to what they want/think!

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  3. Fascinating, it’s an interesting topic to talk about with how things have changed a lot over the years. The whole which console is better is really only a thing that people “choose” to justify their views, now I personally like all consoles and with the way technology has developed, it more or less has gone from a “console war”, to more of a “platform war” since smartphones and tablets have components almost just as strong as the current gamer laptops, which theoretically means that basically new games can be played on those as well with only a little downscaling in quality of the graphical fidelity.

    Though I must disagree with you on the casual vs hardcore gamers, everybody are just gamers in general but the way that games gets designed today, you have a harder time trying to point out who’s who. Yet I will correct myself here and say that hardcore gamers are those who have been there since the ye ol’ arcade games where people fought for the best place on the scoreboard. Today if people are hardcore gamers, then they have “chosen to identify” themselves as such, since while they might be playing other games, they will always go back to play the one game they are not only comfortable with but have a wish to become the best in (fx. Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Rocket League, Heathstone, Fifa, Gran Turismo etc.). Where as casual gamers can be very hard to pinpoint, would you for example say that the very reviewers and critics you enjoy reading/watching their content of newer games are casual gamers? Since they only have so much time to play a game through from start to finish and then give their presentation on what they thought of the game as well as the score that follows, before moving on to the next one.

    However, I can’t say anything about the genre wars. Never even understood why there needed to be one in the first place, since games nowadays borrow heavily in game design from every genre that fit to the mechanics they need for the game to work within the game deveopers’ visions. Here I can only stand on the sideline, facepalming and sighing before walking away as I can’t understand exactly why this is.

    I really liked reading this, more people should stop up and think about this topic instead of just following the herd to war.
    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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