Gaming Nostalgia

Nostalgia feels like it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence in gaming. Nostalgia is a big part in many industries and as video games as a form of entertainment ages it has become more and more a part of the world of gaming.

We all know it nostalgia sells. In an industry as emotive as gaming where us gamers don’t just listen to and watch something bit actually do it, nostalgia sells more than ever. Gamers aren’t just watching an epic fight scene we are participating in it and beating the enemy.

That doesn’t mean its all bad, all about developers making money from old fans. Nostalgia doesn’t just sell, it provides gamers with a chance to return to their favourite games. Lets face it no matter how much we love that game that came out of the 90s advancements in technology make our old favourites feel clunky and unplayable by comparison.

Remakes of our favourite games offer a modern interpretation of our past experiences with new features and better graphics. They also offer new gamers a chance to experience a world and game that they otherwise wouldn’t play if the only copy is a dusty old cartridge that only works on a Super Nintendo.

So long as new releases of old gaming worlds and stories provide new takes and features, like Elder Scrolls Online with Morrowind and not just carbon copies of the past or poorly made experiences nostalgia isn’t all bad. It offers gamers as much as it does the developers. So long as we don’t settle for cheap nostalgia baiting there’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia right?

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  1. I will gladly admit to being a big remake fan. I love getting to experience a game I haven’t played in years from a fresh perspective, and in some cases getting to experience a game that I never would have gotten to play otherwise. I’m currently playing through the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VIII and loving the opportunity to return to it, so nostalgia is just fine by me!

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    1. I’m of a similar mind, I started playing Morrowind but I came to the game too late and it was too old for me! Elder Scrolls Online has given me the chance to explore a part of the franchise I have only briefly explored and may never have truly experienced!

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      1. Oh man, I would love to see a full-blown Morrowind remake. I was *just* too young for it at the time and didn’t really understand the game mechanics. Being able to explore that setting with an adult understanding on a modern system would be excellent.

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  2. I’m all for remakes for games that haven’t aged well. Metroid II is one recent best example. Even at it’s time the original game was tough and not accessible for me, but Samus Returns is a great re-imagining of the concept used in this game.

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