Best Christmas Games

Every year around this time people discuss their all time favourite Christmas films whether it be Elf or Diehard. But what about us gamers? What are our best Christmas games? Well for me there are three that spring to mind…


Minecraft – Minecraft is a classic game, one I’ve played for years and every christmas there is nothing quite like planting a spruce tree in your home and exploring your nearest snow biome. Taking a nostalgic walk through your past creations before starting a new game and getting confused by the newest update. Collecting snowballs and making a snowman and watching him throw snow at the hordes of zombies and creepers storming your base is an amazing Christmas treat.


Skyrim – Whats better at this time of year than to take a nice relaxing stroll through the snow and pine forests of Skyrim. Returning to your old homestead and spending some time with your partner and adopted children you almost forgot you have, meeting with your extended family in the Dark Brotherhood and slaying dragons and beasts on your way. Christmas is often about family and as the Dragon Born from the Thieves Guild to the Companions you certainly have a large extended family to visit!

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Mario Kart – Finally I had to finish with a classic. Nothing is better than sitting round after a Christmas dinner and having a calm and peaceful race. Or rather there is nothing quite like the competitive nature of a Mario Kart tournament. A cut throat competition bringing the whole family together, so they can tear each other apart in a fit of rage. Rainbow Road anyone?

What are your favourite Christmas games?

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  1. Before I started reading this post I was thinking about Skyrim already, even though I don’t like the game that much. If I have to choose it would be Rocket League because it is my main game, I love Mario Kart as well and maybe Pokemon while sitting around the Christmas tree.

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    1. I forgot about Pokemon! There’s something nostalgic about playing it at Christmas, reminds me of when I first got it as a Christmas present years ago! Rocket league is another good one I keep meaning to get into but haven’t played much of yet


  2. What a fun list! I think my favorite game for the holidays is Minecraft because my brother, husband, and I all built a Christmas scene and lightable menorah. We used the menorah for a few years to celebrate each night of Chanukkah together when we couldn’t all be together physically. We also filled the Christmas presents under the tree with silly things like 30 chickens.

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    1. That sounds amazing! Threats why minecraft was on my list the ability to come together and do something creative and constructive (instead of destructive) makes for a nice change especially at this time of year!

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