Free Gaming Challenge: We Walked in Darkness

Next up in the free gaming challenge we have We Walked in Darkness a 2.5D side scrolling platformer where you play as two sibling slaves trying to escape to the north via the Underground Railroad.

We Walked in Darkness spiked my interest with its more serious storyline. Covering slavery and the underground railroad I anticipated a more emotive story.


The game has mixed reviews on Steam however I was pleasantly surprised by the game play. The negative comments I read largely covered bugs and glitches but while playing the game I only experienced a few moments where the game froze. The graphics of the game are more basic however, the colours and shading especially in night scenes are great and for me the story is more important than the graphics.


The gameplay has a good mix of stealth and puzzles offering some challenging and tense moments as you attempt you escape. The storyline is also interesting covering a dark time in history that is rarely covered in gaming. We Walked in Darkness has an interesting story, great use of music and is definitely worth a  play!

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