A world of Goggles, Cogs and Gears

Being a geek I’m more than just a gamer I love to explore, learn and develop a greater understanding of different subcultures and love developing and expanding my eclectic mix of hobbies from gaming all the way to growing indoor plants (of which I have quite a few!). As a result there is nothing I also love more than exploring outside the little bubbles I usually inhabit to discover something new and recently that has been the subculture known as Steampunk.

For the uninitiated Steampunk is the name given to a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. As well as being a literary genre it is also a form of fashion, home decor and lifestyle all on its own.



In a nutshell Steampunk has a Victorian aesthetic, filled with cogs, clockwork machines, corsets and top hats. While not entirely mainstream, some elements of Steampunk have entered pop culture (think Sherlock Holmes, The Golden Compass or even these bookends sold in the UK retail store NEXT!)



The Steampunk sup culture is an interesting one, with links to other gothic/punk movements including cyberpunk. The culture has its origins in some famous classical works including Jules Vern’s Journey to The Centre of The Earth and other works by artists such as H.G.Wells.

I love the aethestic of Steampunk, the tophats and victorian dress are a cool look (though maybe to to be used as every day clothing!) The culture also seems to have a DIY and recycle element with a focus on makling new things from old with YouTube being home to countless Steampunk tutorials.

As I am just an on looker, peering into this world like most people I’ve included some videos below for those curious to learn more! Steampunk is a funky subculture and literary genre and one I will keep an eye on!

Lindsay Stirling one of my favourite artists showing off Steampunk/Wildwest Fashion!

Abney Park a Steampunk band!

The 2015 Steampunk World’s Fair

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