Life is Strange: Farewell

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Life is Strange has been one of my all time favourite game series of recent times, from the original Life is Strange to the prequel Before The Storm. The final bonus episode Farewell has been one of the best endings to a series I have played.

Returning to Max and Chloe’s childhood, you find yourself in the body of a worried Max with only a few days left before she moves away and still not having told her best friend. You may try to find the right point to tell Chloe the news but she has other ideas!


Returning for one last adventure Captain Chloe Bluebeard and Long Max Silver embark on a journey to recover their long-lost buried treasure. Max braves the depths of the dark cavern (in other words the loft) in search of the amulet holding to key to finding their treasure.


With the amulet Max returns to their old ship and together these two pirates search and dig up their treasure which has been given added protection by Bloody Bill.


To avoid spoiling the episode I won’t go any further. Suffice it to say this is one amazing last adventure for the duo and this single episode contains everything we have come to love from Life is Strange. From fun times, to emotional times, this bonus episode doesn’t fail to bring a tear to your eye. The all to familiar scenario of growing up and growing apart mixed with the ever-present drama of Arcadia Bay brings this series to a satisfying close.

In the words of Chloe Price “We’re Max and Chloe, remember? We’re always together, even when we’re not.”

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