The Nature of Magic

As a gamer, reader and player of Dungeons and Dragons, one all-powerful force has been present in one form or another across these different forms of entertainment. That is the almost limitless power know as magic.

Magic is one of my favourite mechanics. Defined as “the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.” The word itself encompasses a broad variety of abilities and events that could be defined as supernatural.

Magic allows for excitement and allows for events beyond what is possible in our world from dragon attacks to evil dark lords.

Magic systems come in two main forms Soft and Hard magic.

Soft magic refers to more Tolkien like magic with vague rules maintaining a sense of wonder and uncertainty in what magic is capable of.

Hard magic refers to more rigid magic systems that have clearly defined rules and limitations allowing the audience to better understand what is possible in the world and what limits there are to its power.

I love all forms magic takes in different stories and games. My favourite systems would be:

Elder scrolls oblivion – the oblivion magic system is one of my favourites purely for its craziness and the variety of spells on offer. Not to mention the ability to make your own spells!


Terry Pratchett’s – Discworld’s magic system is amazing because of how different it is. Magic in Discworld is unpredictable and acts at times of its own free will and sentience making for some amazing stories and moments.

Image result for discworld

Magic is amazing, it offers new solutions to problems and new problems. It is the cornerstone of fantasy and the worlds would not be the same without it. Whether it be Hogwarts or Middle Earth, what’s your favourite magic system?

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