Crazy Creatures: The Bodak

There’s nothing better than a fantasy creature, dragons are awesome and unicorns are well, unicorns! But what Dungeons and Dragons has opened my eyes to is the sheer volume of fantasy creatures out there.

It’s crazy what the human mind can come up with and it’s worth being aware of these cool monsters whether it be for a Dungeons and Dragons game or as inspiration for a story. Today I’m going to cover one of my favourites, the Bodak. A creature based on the real life Scottish/Gaelic boogeyman

Bodaks are dangerous and if you ever come across one I suggest you avoid eye contact and run away.

According to the wiki Bodaks have skin thats a deathly, pale white or gray, devoid of any hair. Their face, is twisted into an inhuman visage of sheer madness and horror with empty, white eyes. You know, your standard evil undead creature.

What is the cause of this undead monstrosity you may wonder? Well they were human, once. They have been corrupted by the touch of pure evil (something you should ideally avoid).

Being undead they have the usual aversion to sun light. But they do have the Death Gaze. They can see directly into your soul causing grave injury or death. No one likes awkward eye contact and this gives you more reason to avoid it!

Bodaks were human once and can have flashbacks to their old life. If triggered this can make them pause and reflect on their lost humanity. For a moment. So even a creature touched by pure evil can retain a small sliver of humanity. Oh and don’t get into a staring contest with a Bodak!

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