If a Druid Can Grow Plants So Can Gamers!

Every now and again there’s something that I want to cover that doesn’t quite fit into the usual world of gaming and fantasy, but of course I’m going to cover it anyways! As a PC Gamer I have a desk set up in my room and I feel that as gamers we have a habit of discussing the games we play and specs of our devices and not really covering the environment around us.

For me the space I game in has an impact on my experience and I have found the good old house plant to be a satisfying way to improve the space. House plants have obvious benefits at improving air quality in my small room and office space but I have found that they also help  me to unwind. Like reading a good book, looking after plants is a good way for me to disconnect from technology and take a moment relaxing in the space.


When I first got a houseplant I thought; I’ve always had success with my minecraft farms, my garden in the wilds of Skyrim and my favourite RPG class is the druid so what could go wrong in real life? Water and sun is all they need right?

Well to say there was some casualties would be an understatement! But after a few close calls and a few casualties I’ve got to a point where every plant I own doesn’t die. And now I thought I’d show some of my favourite surviving plants and some tips for Gamers wanting to develop a green thumb.

Monstera Deliciosa “Swiss Cheese Plant”




The largest plant I own. I feel like the hole filled leaves of this plant are on most patterned shirts I’ve seen recently and on cheap cushions for some reason. The Monstera can grow to be massive and is a form of climbing plant that likes bright indirect light and reminds me of those crazy large plants you see in fantasy worlds. All it needs is a weekly water and it seems happy!








This one has been hit and miss, bought from the local supermarket all I know is it’s some kind of Ficus. It’s a fussy plant that drops its leaves if you over water it, underwater it, give it too much or too little sun and even if you move it. It seems happy enough now and I love its weird twisting trunks! Ficus are fussy but if you put it in the right space and are consistent it will grow well. Probably not the best plant if you tend to forget to water it!


Air Plant



If you’re like me and afraid to kill a plant then the air plant is a safe bet. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen, it has no roots and needs no soil. All it needs is a soak in water for an hour once a week and that’s it!



Spider Plant



The spider plant is another tough plant, it can cope with low light and can survive an over water and drought conditions (meaning being abandoned by you!) Best thing is it begins growing babies that kinda look like spiders. If you plant them in soil you can grow more!


This is just a selection, going round my room I counted 9 plants in all. Houseplants are fun to look after and I love them as a tool to get me to disconnect from technology from time to time. Motivating me with that constant threat that they could die from neglect! AS a gamer and a lover of fantasy I think it’s sometimes important to have those little things that ground us (no pun intended) in reality. As awesome as living every moment in Middle Earth would be!

To those who say they always kill plants and can never grow them, it takes practise and more importantly a quick google search of the plant and its needs will help you keep it alive more than a week. I tend to find we either under water it, get the wrong plant for the conditions in our space or overcompensate and kill it with love (over water it because we don’t want to under water it)!


4 thoughts

  1. This made me smile! I love my houseplants too. I have a jade tree, a spider plant and a dracaena plant. I have been collecting shells and random bits and bobs so that I can start a geeky seaside themed terrarium soon as well. It does make for a nicer gaming environment I think. I always like having nice plants in my games as well so it’s nice to reflect that.

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    1. Glad it made you smile and glad to see another gamer who loves plants! The terrarium sounds like a cool experiment too 😊 I’m also love my in game plants (you should see my garden in Skyrim!) so I agree it’s nice to have some of the irl as well


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