Kingdoms and Castles

Taking a break from the intense twists and turns and hype of E3 I’ve been distracted but a casual city builder.


Now I love playing city builders with city skylines being my favourite of all time. However recently I’ve found Kingdoms and Castles. A game where dragons, castles and vikings are the perfect combination!

Kingdoms and Castles is a cool game I found scrolling through the steam store recently. It’s your typical city builder where you harvest resources to build and expand your city.

The graphics are super colourful and fun and the game itself is satisfying with clear progression as your city and castle grows.


I’ve found the hardest difficulty to be my favourite which is unusual for me. But I find the challenge rating to be better as the normal mode is a bit too easy to me. (Though having your town levelled by vikings is pretty devastating!)

Over all I’ve found Kingdoms and Castles a simple relaxed game. Witch is a pretty usual category for me considering complex narratives and deep lore are my usual thing! But for the £7 I spent on it I have been pleasantly surprised.


Now and again it’s fun to play these more chill games and I love to take recommendations from others so I’m curious if any other serious gamers have any casual games they love?

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