Best of E3! Zombies, Assassins, Magic

E3 has been and gone, it was an amazing event and definitely more worthwhile keeping track of that in previous years. Maybe its because of the awesome line up and the fact game developers seemed to have upped their game? Or maybe it’s just because I’ve now started blogging and took more of an interest?

Who knows, but after recent times where I have struggled to find new games that I want to play the games revealed have me excited for the gaming genre looking into the future. Looking at everything that has been revealed this year, there are 3 games that I cannot wait for more than anything! And it would be interesting to see what are your top three games from E3?

Last of Us 2

The last of Us stands out for me as the very first game I could not play and so actively looked for a playthrough to watch. The narrative, the characters and the interesting take on the traditional Zombie made it one of my all time favourite Zombie games. The aesthetic also stands out, putting far more of an emphasis on nature reclaiming our cities, buildings filled with trees and crumbling damp corners thick with the haze of Cordasypse spores. The world is far more than that generic Zombie aesthetic we’re used to and that moment from the first game with the giraffe just sealed the deal!

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2, another Zombie game! It feels like the Zombie apocalypse has certainly been upping its game this year. I have reviewed Dying Light before, it is another amazing Zombie game and one I loved more for the mechanics than the narrative. The fast paced parkour across the zombie wastelands is probably the most fun I have had in a Zombie apocalypse. The newest installment seems to take a different route from the first with decisions affecting the narrative and different factions to join. Player choice and a more open world is certainly a difference from the more linear story of the first game and I can’t wait to see where it leads!

Elder Scrolls 6

Elder Scrolls 6, Hammerfell? High Rock? who knows where, really its the top of my list of games I really want to get my hands on. So much so that I would slay Alduin himself if I thought it would get me the game any faster! The fact is that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be out until 2020 something. The trailer is just a teaser to keep us fans going no doubt after realising the ESO updates and 50th variation of Skyrim has lost its charm.

While I want Elder Scrolls 6 to be released yesterday (its been 7 years since Skyrim!)  If I was given the option I would reluctantly wait. Bethesda is a small games company (compared to most) with some of the most ambitious IPs under its wing. If waiting a few extra years means a more amazing, more ambitious and insane game then it will be worth the wait! Each Elder Scrolls game has been to ambitious for its time, with cut content, half made quests and concepts. Here’s hoping the 10 or so years since Skyrim will give them time to develop something truly amazing.

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