Gamers Apocalypse Guide

We’ve all seen those survival kits for natural disasters and the zombie apocalypse but once food, water and shelter are all taken care of the question is what will us gamers do?

So the world has ended, and you have mastered the basics of survival and sitting in front of a blank screen controller in hand playing the Mario theme song in your head. There’s not power, no internet and no more video games.


Your imagination is your best friend in the apocalypse. After fighting off raiders and protecting your loved ones it’s important to relax. Sit by the fire and tell your self and your friends a story.

You could be a noble knight in an age of magic, wizards, Castles and dragons. Or how bout a rugged survivor in a post apocalyptic… or maybe not that, the escapism of the apocalypse probably loses its shine once society’s crumbled and your neighbours resort to eating their dog.

Board Games

Long before the Xbox and PlayStation arrived people used to sit round a piece of cardboard and move coloured pieces or bought and sold plastic houses or told stories of fighting dragons in dungeons while rolling dice with way too many sides.


Now the worlds over you to can rediscover such classics as Monopoly and just hope that a combination of starvation and the fall of Civilisation mixed with the most frustrating game ever invented won’t result in your band of survivors turning on each other!

Arts and Crafts

Art is a great way to relax and could be your chance to record iconic gaming moments before they are lost to history. Capturing such beautiful imaginations as the bosses of Dark Souls.


Of course as the apocalypse draws on you will soon run out of old world art supplies. Dirt and charcoal can work in the absence of paint. Cave paintings of sonic and Skyrim could be the last records the world will have of our video gaming past.


The internet may be down and your gaming collection reduced to a bunch of shiny Crome place mats. But your books will have survived (assuming you have some and that your library wasn’t entirely in audiobook format!)

If you want to continue to experience the adventures and escapism games offer then resist the urge to burn your books for fuel and read them instead!


If the end of the world does come and basic survival is taken care of then fear not! With imagination, books, paint and board games you can occupy your mind and drive for escapism almost as well as your video games would (almost).

Until the day our WiFi dies, and no more gamers drop from the sky to battle to the death or escape from prison to kill a dragon then these tools can work well whenever you need a break from the screen.

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