Guilds, Clans and Orders

No video game would be complete without factions to join. Guilds and orders that offer interesting quests and storylines. But which ones are the best? Do you love your shadow dwelling secret orders? Organisations of Science and Justice? Or Military groups, mighty warriors and fighters?

Dark Brotherhood:

Image result for dark brotherhood

Perhaps one of the more iconic groups the Dark Brotherhood are a group of assassins who live by the 5 Tenants. They are local to their own, ruthless killers and one of the most memorable factions I’ve played. They may be killed with a corpse as its leader but they are a strong family and loyal to their own.

Assassins Creed:


There’s a slight theme here, the followers of the Assassins Creed are my next favourite order. Upholders of justice and defenders of the people against the evils of the Templars they have survived the tests of time. “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted” is the maxim of their creed which prevents the unnecessary murder of innocents. They strive for peace, plus their aesthetic and characteristic logo and hood are awesome! What’s not to love?

The Rail Road:

Image result for the railroad fallout 4

The Rail Road is the final group on this list. Founded in the post apocalyptic wastelands of Fallout 4 they aim to free the Synths. synths are nearly identical to humans. These androids enslaved to the Institute that made them are given new lives and a chance for as peaceful life as possible in this wilderness. Making the Rail Road one of my favourite Fallout 4 factions.

Factions offer different opportunities and a chance for us gamers to have a choice. The different orders also shape the world and offer sense of belonging. Which orders are your favourites? Do you love the Minute Men, Mages Guild or another order?

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