The Sound of Music! (In Video Games)

Where ever one or more people have existed so has music. Music exists in every known society past and present and as a result it is hypothesised that music must have existed before humans first left Africa and colonised the world over 50,000 years ago which is crazy!

Music is shaped by all sorts of things from culture to technology and in gaming music is similarly shaped by genre, player’s actions or situation. As video games have evolved from simple entertainment to something more like an art form the quality and styles of music have adapted to become much more complex.

Music in games is played throughout the gameplay and is carefully curated to compliment what is happening. Whether it’s a peaceful merry tune as you enter a city or a deep booming drum beat as you enter combat. Some soundtracks have become iconic and instantly recognisable whether it’s the Skyrim or Zelda theme tune, others are created for their emotional impact. With so many memorable soundtracks which ones are the best? Drawing on my own experience I could think of my favourite two soundtracks:

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Soundtrack

Perhaps my favourite all time soundtrack it was composed by Jeremy Soule, who has also worked on a number of other Elder Scrolls games. The music of Oblivion is some of my favourite fantasy style music maybe in part due to nostalgia.

Life is Strange Soundtrack

Going in the opposite direction to the fantasy music of Oblivion Life is Strange has another amazing soundtrack. The music was not created intentionally for the game but is a collection of licensed music purchased by DONTNOD. The music sets the perfect tone for the game with a great mix of indie music.

Gaming soundtracks often carry deep emotional connections for us because they are so tied to the places, people and stories that we become so immersed in. There are so many great soundtracks out there and I’d love to hear which are your most memorable in the comments below!

Thanks for reading to the end!

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