Geeks United

Sitting down together for food, drink and to tell stories of adventure, magic, mystery and murder. Dungeons and dragons has been uniting people for decades.

DnD for me offers a unique opportunity to sit down with friends and play a game together, to socialise and collaborate in telling a great story no matter how ridiculous.

While in Sweden I found a bookshop specialising in Sci-fi and fantasy, they even had a pick and mix section where you could pick your own dice! While picking dice I got talking to a local person about DnD and it was a short but really cool chat where two people who speak different languages were able to connect over a shared interest.

Similarly I’m always blown away by the strength and culture of the community whenever you go to conventions like comicon and Insomnia. The level of acceptance, creativity and fun you see there is amazing to see.

The moment that always stands out for me is the Yogscast Jingle Jam. For the uninitiated the Jingle Jam is an annual streaming event the youtube/twitch producers the Yogscast do every Christmas for charity. Without fail the community raise more and more money each year for charity. It’s great to see and I can’t wait to see what happens this December!

It made me wonder what is your best memory from the Geek/Gaming community? Are there any moments that stand out for you? share your moment in the comments below!

hanks for reading to the end!

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