Dungeon Delving and Dragon Slaying on a Budget

Dungeons and Dragons is an amazing game full of endless possibilities, providing hours of entertainment as you and your party embark on epic quests across the land, but it doesn’t have to come at a price. Whenever people are trying something for the first time we often fall into a habit of wanting the best... Continue Reading →

Dungeons, Family and Dragons

"It feels like I've entered Sheldon's world!" Was my Mam's words as her  halfling rouge held the reigns of two oxen, cargo in toe. Her words a clear reference to the only geeks she's ever seen (thank you Big Bang Theory!) Getting my parents to play dungeons and dragons was never something I though would... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Maps

There is nothing I love more than a map. Not just a normal map but an antique or fantasy one that is both created for function and art. From the most recognised maps such as Middle Earth, to more personal maps such as my map of Dorwine (the setting for me and my friend's D&D... Continue Reading →

My First Dungeons & Dragons Experience

Four friends, surrounding a piece of A4, with a crudely drawn town layout and staring at the line of dice before them. This was my first D&D experiance. My friends and I decided to branch into this world on a whim, no past experience only a rough idea of what to do thanks to TV... Continue Reading →

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