Ark: Survival Evolved Review

Recently I have made all my dreams of visiting Jurassic Park come true through playing Ark. Ark is a strange cross between the survival game style of Minecraft and dinosaurs. An amazing blend of tree and dodo punching all wrapped up into a challenging and rewarding experience. Ark offers the chance to fulfill that life long... Continue Reading →

Where The Real and Virtual Meet, In The Mind

Video games aren’t reality no matter how much we wish summoning fire from our hands and flying round on dragons was a real world possibility. And contrary to what some people in the news often claim, gamers can clearly tell the difference between our virtual worlds and our real one. However, there is some crossover... Continue Reading →

Gaming Fresh Faced or Seasoned Champion?

When gaming there is always a certain level of admiration given to those who have reached the highest levels in a game. You know that character, the one with the best armour and weapons with the highest stats and who could kill most in one fell swoop and boss characters in maybe two. But the... Continue Reading →


We have all been there, eager to play a new game waiting excitedly for the download to finish and then when we are finally in we sink countless hours into it. But after a while, we all fall out of love with these games. There always comes a point when you have had enough, the... Continue Reading →

Home Is Where The Loot Is

After returning to the frozen land of Skyrim recently I found myself not running round slaying dragons but at a workbench deciding if I wanted a Library or a Kitchen. It got me thinking, from the irradiated wastes of the Commonwealth to the frosty wilds of Skyrim and even the shimmering lights of Los Santos,... Continue Reading →

Merch Showing Your Allegiance

The rise of video games has also brought with it the rise of gaming merch, products beyond the video game itself that relate to the game and its setting. Merch can range from a tee-shirt to a badge and spark mixed feelings from gamers. But why do we buy it? Showing Your Allegiance Merch is... Continue Reading →

Gamers a House Divided

To the outside world Gamers are seen as one great unified group of basement dwelling, junk food eating people (at least that was the original stereotype). But as gaming has become more popular that view has shifted somewhat, however one stereotype has remained unchanged. The fact that we are one people, one unified group. Sadly... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Hellblade

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a cinematic psychological horror action-adventure video game released August 2017. Through Hellblade you follow Senua, a celtic warrior on a journey through Hel the mythical viking realm of Hel goddess and daughter of Loki. The journey is Senua's quest to recover the soul of her lost lover Dillion who was sacrificed to... Continue Reading →

Rage Quit: The Universal Gamer’s Problem

Rage Quitting, a unique problem experienced universally by gamers though we don't always admit it! No other form of entertainment causes quite this problem, people don't storm out a cinema shouting abuse at the other viewers and even in sport you rarely see players storming off the pitch and refusing to play. Perhaps because of... Continue Reading →

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