Geek’s Gander into Book Repair

My first taste of Tolkien can in the form of a dusty, beaten and taped book with aged pages and that funky smell you only get with old books. I was given this copy of “The Hobbit or There and Back Again” by my uncle, printed in 1981 it was at least 20 years old... Continue Reading →

A Geek’s Holiday Survival Guide

At present I am far away from my precious PC, my book shelves and my reliable internet connection. I'm on holiday. A holiday is a great chance to unwind and disconnect from the technology that can run our lives.  My survival kit is made up of the items that fill the spaces between the usual... Continue Reading →

The Shattered Sea Trilogy

While I’m an avid gamer I also love to read. My genre of choice would have to be fantasy (obviously) and after recently sorting out my book shelf and deciding to re-read some old books I would like to offer my opinion on one of my favourite series I have read in recent years. The... Continue Reading →

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